"It's Like Having Your Own Personal Farmers Market"

Receive a weekly box of fresh, local fruit and organically grown vegetables


  • Oberlin: 3:25 -3:40 pm

  • Amherst: 3:55 - 4:10 pm

  • Avon: 4:30 - 4:50 pm

  • Westlake: 5:00 - 5:15 pm

  • Westgate: 5:25 - 5:45 pm

  • Lakewood: 5:55- 6:10 pm

  • North Olmsted: 6:30 - 6:45 pm


  • Oberlin: 2:25 - 2:40 pm

  • Amherst: 2:55 - 3:10 pm

  • Avon: 3:30 - 3:50 pm

  • Westgate: 4:10 - 4:40 pm

  • Lakewood: 4:45 - 5:00 pm

  • Westlake: 5:10 - 5:25 pm

  • North Olmsted: 5:40 - 6:00 pm

  • Elyria: 6:30 - 6:45 pm

  • Medina: From Noon Friday to 5:00 PM Saturday

Current MHF CSA Pick Up Locations


Levin Furniture plaza
southern parking lot

1813 Nagel Road, Avon

Serving Avon, Avon Lake,
Bay Village, Lorain,
North Ridgeville and Westlake


LaPorte United Methodist Church parking lot

2071 Grafton Road, Elyria

Serving Eaton, Elyria,
Grafton and North Ridgeville

Since 2009, Murray Hill Farm's ORGANIC CSA program has provided customers with locally grown, in season, fruit and organic vegetables all year long. 

This year, we're celebrating 15 years as a year-round CSA in the Northern Ohio area. Our unique relationship with the Amish/Mennonite communities and local greenhouse growers allows us to provide fresh greens, root crops, items from storage and plenty of outdoor harvested items even in the Winter. We are a small group of family owned, sustainable farms using organic growing methods. In addition to organic veggies and local fruit, our CSA offers the finest local meat, dairy, eggs, honey, syrup and a whole lot more.

Customers receive a weekly newsletter letting them know what's in this week's box and what add-ons are available. Skipped weeks and item substitutions are no problem. You can join anytime of the year.

Joining our CSA program is easy! First, choose the size of the box of produce you want –  the Standard Box is for up to two adults (7-14 different items) and a Large Box is for three people or more (14 -20 items). Next, decide how many weeks you want to subscribe; 4, 8, 12, 20 or 52 weeks (you can always extend your subscription) and then decide where you want to pick up from. The longer you subscribe the bigger your weekly discount! 

Click here for a current list of what is available by month (Non-GMO, Pesticide free produce). The produce you receive comes from local, family owned organic farms. Each farmer in our group uses natural, organic growing methods and adheres to our strict farming techniques (120+ years of combined experience growing organic produce crops).

Our CSA program allows customers to customize their box using substitutions if desired. Customers receive our weekly MHF CSA newsletter which tells you what to expect in that week's box and which items are available to purchase as add-ons. You can choose to add more veggies, fruit, eggs, honey, meat, dairy, pantry items and more.

Vacation time off is not a problem for your CSA subscription. Just let us know and we'll add that week to the end of your subscription. We accept cash, checks, debit/credit cards and Venmo. Order your CSA subscription today and enjoy your own "Personalized Farmers Market Share".

Once we receive your order a confirmation email will be sent. I look forward to meeting you at pick up.