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Taco Bell In The News Again

Posted by Chuck Murray on Thursday, February 2, 2012 Under: In The News
Several months ago, many of the food industry websites and blogs I follow were reporting an outbreak of salmonella across multiple states but no one was saying what the people sickened had eaten. And they didn't say where the people had eaten. Most news agencies quoted the Center For Disease Control (CDC) as "restaurant A" was the source. That was it. For whatever reason, this non-disclosure didn't help anyone who wanted to avoid a helping of salmonella.

Fast forward to today and Food Safety News has reported that "Restaurant A" is Taco Bell. Here is the link:

While this may not be a big deal to the average person, I think the CDC and the USDA should be working together for the benefit of consumers. With multiple tools now available to get news we can use out quickly, I find no reason for the delay in naming Taco Bell as "restaurant A" while the salmonella outbreak was occurring. 

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