This month’s basket contains local, dried Cayenne hot chile peppers.

Cut the top off of each chile to remove the stem. Then, cut a slit down the side of the chile to split it open. The majority 
of the seeds will shake right out. Use your fingers or a spoon to scrape any additional seeds off and pull off any dried veins. After discarding the seeds, place the chiles on a medium/hot griddle and roast them for 3-4 minutes. Turn them often to prevent burning.

After roasting the chiles, place them in a bowl and cover them with hot water. The chiles will need to soak 20-30 minutes depending on how thick they are. Use a spoon to occasionally push them under the water if they float too much. Use a blender to make a paste and put in garlic if desired.

You can also chop the dried peppers and add to soups or use as seasoning with meat, When rehydrated, they make great chile. You can also use a coffee grinder to make your own hot pepper spice.